House Etiquette

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Each cottage is smoke free.

However, you may smoke in the garden and grounds as long as it does not disturb other guests.
If you have two vehicles or more with you, do let us know so we can make additional arrangements if required.
If you use the garden, please do so with respect for our neighbours and other guests. Please look to come inside by around 9pm each evening.
If you have time before you leave do put your rubbish and recycling in the outside recycling store and put the dishwasher on with any items that need a good wash ready for the next guests.
Dog owners
This is a great area for dog walking and exploring.

Please clear up after your pet from the garden or from your local walks. In the car parking area there is a dog bin please use it.
Please do not leave your pet unattended in the cottage during the day or at night. There are day dog care facilities in the area.
We respectively ask that dogs are kept on the ground floor (except assistance dogs) but off the settee. In your outside store there is a stair guard if that helps maintain control of your loved one.

We encourage owners to provide their own metal cage for travel and for use in the cottage.

And finally check out is by 10am on your last day

We hope you have a great holiday break

Return of items left behind

We are always happy to return items left behind. However, we are having to introduce a minimum charge of £6 which will cover postage via collect+ packaging, our mileage and parking.

This new scheme follows increasing costs. In the last 12 months, we have paid out over £100.

We thank all those guests you have sent us payment in the past but I am afraid to say despite assurances most do not.

We therefore now need the postage cost to be paid via online banking into our account before we will send the items back. If you think you have left items behind and would like them returned then contact us to discuss. 

Items not claimed after one month will be donated to the South West Hospice shop if appropriate.